The Hidden Treasures in our House – School Report Cards!

Parents of teenagers who are about to approach 10th grade or 12th grade, we need to make decisions. We generally look at Report Cards and Marks and try to come to a conclusion. But is it the right approach?

The search starts by reflecting on our own experience of life, work, and perception of success. Some of us resort to advise from relatives, mentors in different industries, teachers, and counselors.

If we go one step further, we take to the standardized testing system called “Psychometric Tests” or “Aptitude Tests” to get a good insight into Career traits in our child.

We resort to some psychometric tests for our child to tease out some insights on their Traits.

This is a good place to start. But are they actually effective in providing insights?

No, argues many. As evident in researches published in The Guardian or by Recruitment blogger Roxanne Abercrombie.

As a parent and professional, let’s question this for a moment.

“Can a single test is taken once reveal enough insights about child’s career traits?”

Intuition says no.

Wait, there’s hope!

Paraphrasing Winston Churchill’s Original quote “Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft”

Study History, Study History, in it lies all the secrets!

Look Back to Figure way ahead


All you need to do is look back into their past performances to figure way forward. Where is their performance recorded? In School Report Cards!

Use it, Leverage data, to make better decisions!

If you line up all the report cards from Grade 1 till Grade 8, then you have 8 Years of Performance history that shows trends, Interest areas, performance variations amongst so many other indicators.

Look for Trends, Interest areas, performance variations to name a few.

Over 8 years, the bad teachers, fevers during exams and all other anomalies will be normalized, to give you some clear insights.

Need help?

Smart Parent pioneers in extracting this data from previous report cards. We have parsed hundreds of report cards to build a statistical model provides insights. We then run it through academic experts to “human-validate” the insights.

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